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30% Off PleyShop Disney Princess Mystery Boxes Purchase Good Till Labor Day

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Eva and I have started to unbox and review the Pley Disney Princess Monthly Mystery Boxes. I am an affiliate of Pley and as such you can greatly help us out if you decide to make a Pleyshop purchase this weekend. With the Code FNF30 you get 30% off your whole PleyShop purchase and that works out to $10 off any of the existing Disney Princess boxes. So far Ariel, Belle and Rapunzel Pley Boxes have been released. Just click through our Disney Princess affiliate link or click on the image above to go and make your purchase. You can see Eva enjoying unboxing her first Pley Mystery Princess box in the video below.

And you can read our first review: The Kids Unbox IT! Pley Disney Princess July 2017 Rapunzel Mystery Box

The Kids Unbox IT! Pley Disney Princess July 2017 Rapunzel Mystery Box

Pley Mystery Disney Princess Surprise Box
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This is our first ever Disney Princess Unboxing for Pley. Pley gave us a monthly subscription to the Disney Princess Box and I am also an affiliate.

This time around it is a box all about Rapunzel. Tangled was my daughter’s very first movie in the theater. Eva unboxes the Rapunzel box and it is filled with some great items that match Rapunzel’s (and Eva’s) personality so well.

Tangled was the very first movie that Eva ever saw in the theaters. We made a huge deal out of that first movie and it will always stick with me. That was seven years ago when Eva was 3 years old. She had just turned 3 a few days prior. I like to think that Tangled will always hold a special place in Eva’s heart. I think that Eva is very much like Rapunzel in that she is creative and artistic. She loved the art kit inside this box. We are looking forward to many more of these mystery boxes.