Is it too early to think about beds…

I know that Eva was only born little under three weeks ago but everyone says that time moves very quickly and I guess that she will soon outgrow her crib. When it comes time to think about Beds for little Eva I am going to want to get her something very nice.

I was looking at a site called time4sleep and they specialize in leather beds. The one below is an example of the stylish beds that are available.

But a leather bed might be a bit too much for little Eva. Luckily Time4sleep also has children’s beds. They have the cutest little pink jeep bed that would be great for Eva. She could have imagination adventures in her pink jeep bed. If pink was not her favorite color the jeep is also available in blue.

But our little Eva is also a princess in our eyes. Time4sleep has a fantastic princess bed that can be personalized with Eva’s name on it. There is even a little matching dresser that says “Crowns” “Jewels” and “Tiaras” on the drawers. The set is adorable, perfect for one as adorable as our little Eva.

The selection is vast at Time4sleep and it is continuing to increase. The website is clean and easy to maneuver through. When you find the bed you want you can also see at a glance the accessories that compliment your selection. It is nice to have those things all on one page rather than having to search for them. Take a look at the site, they have much to offer you if you are searching for a new bed and bedroom furniture.

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