Photo-A-Day #934 10/29/07

I was at work today and then went to the gym. Doing that Subway post for PayPerPost has gotten me back into the get healthy frame of mind. Then I came home and I swear that Eva’s hair got lighter today while I was gone. And pretty soon her umbilical cord is going to fall off. And I will be glad to be rid of that.

I don’t mind changing “poopy” diapers, I don’t mind cleaning “goopy” eyes but that stump freaked me out. Sure I would clean it and whatnot but it just freaked me out. I can’t wait till it falls off. Then we can stop doing the diaper fold and we can put them on as they are intended.

Today’s photo is of an angel in one of Allison’s plants. I read something today that made me sad and made me thinks of an Angel. But I’m keeping that one close to the vest people.

Sales have slowed down really badly for my 2008 Photo-A-Day calendar, even with the promotion that so many people have done. I’ve only raised 29.70 through the sales and I’m giving it all to the Machinski family. I fear that I will not reach my goal of 100 calendars sold. However I have gotten quite a few donations from some very generous peopple who felt that rather than buy a calendar they would give a full on donation to the Machinski family. If you are interested in helping please click the donate or buy a calendar. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #934 10/29/07”

  1. The belly button thing is definitely a bug out, and it’s also a bug out when it actually *does* fall off. It’s quite nice when it’s done, though!

  2. It definitely is a bug out. But luckily it fell off last night. MY wife found that it had fallen off and she found it. So I was safe from a “ooogie” moment.

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