LEGO Build Night

Photo-A-Day #3163

Today after I picked Eva up from school she asked what we would do together when we got home. This is often what she asks me when I pick her up. She likes to do reviews with me and is always excited to play with new toys. I have a couple of things but I was looking through the office closet the other day and saw that there were a bunch of LEGO building sets that we had from last Christmas that we hadn’t put together. So I got a vehicle builder set down and we sat at the table along with Andrew and began to build.

Eva built her own vehicles and I put together according to the instructions. We gave Andrew some of the extra pieces. He was doing great with it and putting together pieces easily. Once I built the vehicles that I was building I gave them to Andrew to play with. He was pretty happy with that. It kept him quiet for a little while.