Meet the BenSpark Robot

Photo-A-Day #2482

I was watching and catching up on past episodes. Episode #331 mentioned a site where you could make a custom robot. The company is MyRobotNation. The robots are created through a 3D printer. I thought that they used a makerbot 3D printer but this is an industrial one that is more complex. The interface is really sweet too. You choose all sorts of parts for the robot as well as colors and then you also position the robot arms and legs. So I made one and it arrived yesterday. Eva saw it and now she wants to make one for herself.

So I ordered more RAM for the iMac. I received that RAM today and was all excited to install it. However both of the Computer Toolkits that I have do not contain screwdrivers that are so incredibly tiny that I’d have to be the size of the BenSpark Robot to use them. I used to have a set of these type of screwdrivers, actually they were my Dad’s but I “borrowed” them all the time to take apart my Transformers and put them back together. I used to also take parts off one Transformer and attach them to another Transformer. Like I would take off the front of Sideswipe and the Front of Red Alert and swap them because those guys were from the same molds. I’m pretty sure I stripped the screwdrivers as well as the screws in all the disassemble/reassemble work that I did on my bots. Well, I need to got get me a set of these type of screwdrivers so that I can install the RAM.