MEGA Bloks Skylands Spinners Rattle Shake & Freeze Blade

Photo-A-Day #3247

MEGA Bloks continues to produce some great Skylanders figures and toys. I last reviewed the Frost Guard Battle Arcade for the new Skylands Spinners. Now MEGA Bloks has even more Skylands Spinners and they are in all new tubular packaging. The two figures that I received to review were Rattle Shake and Freeze Blade. Here’s what I thought of them.

The Rattle Shake figure is a nice one with excellent details. He comes with his snake shooter, signature hat and belt buckle. His spinner has the Undead Element symbol on it and has an elevated piece for the bottom of the spinner.

Rattle Shake Skyland Spinner

The Freeze Blade figure is one of those Skylanders Swap Force characters who has not been released as a figure for the video game yet but you can get him now from MEGA Bloks. He’s got his Ice Ring weapon and Ice Skates. His spinner has the water symbol on it and has a translucent light blue color. The piece on the bottom of the spinner is also translucent light blue and is more rounded than the conical one on the Rattle Shake spinner.

Freeze Blade Skyland Spinner

Both figures are Swap Force figures and they fit with the rest of those that have been released so far. Here are a few of them from my collection that have been swapped.

Skylander Swap Force Figures