Musical PEG + CAT: Classics and PEG Rocks on DVD This week.

PEG + CAT: Classics“Peg + Cat: Classics” includes expanded versions of songs that have appeared on the show since the first episode. Similar to PEG + CAT’s first album, which paid tribute to the Beatles, “Peg + Cat’s Classics” pays homage to the 3 Tenors. Starting today, “Peg + Cat: Classics” will be available for pre-order at a 50% discount on iTunes and Google Play. On Monday, March 2nd, it will be available on Amazon and Spotify as well. See below for a list of the tracks on this new album. Peg + Cat was just today announced the winner of the Kidscreen award for Best Music in a children’s television series – so now’s the time to take a listen!

Also, be sure to tune in on Monday for a week of new musical-themed episodes in “Peg Rocks!” Over the course of the week, Peg and everyone’s favorite sidekick Cat will visit Radio City Music Hall, join a girl group, and flash back to the groovy sixties, all while exploring math concepts for the preschool set.


Available March 3, the New DVD Features 23 Catchy Tunes, Including “I Do What I Can” and “We’re The Pentagirls!”

Emmy Award-Winning PBS KIDS Series PEG + CAT Helps Kids Build Math and Problem-Solving Skills

Arlington, Va. – February 9, 2015 – PBS Distribution announced today it is releasing seven stories from PBS KIDS’ popular PEG + CAT series on the new DVD “PEG + CAT: PEG ROCKS,” available starting March 3. Solving problems is even more AWESOME when music is involved! This new toe-tapping DVD features fun-filled musical escapades, including “The Girl Group Problem,” in which Peg’s girl group, the Pentagirls, has its biggest show ever, and “The Mega Mall Problem,” which features Peg and Cat searching the mall for the teens, so they can all enter the Zebra Guy dance contest!
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Each PEG + CAT adventure features a story in which Peg and Cat encounter an unexpected challenge that requires them to use math and problem-solving skills in order to save the day. While it teaches specific math lessons, the series also emphasizes resilience and perseverance.

PEG + CAT was created by Billy Aronson (“Rent,” “Postcards from Buster”) and Jennifer Oxley (“Little Bill,” “The Wonder Pets!”) and is a production of The Fred Rogers Company. PEG + CAT, which made its broadcast debut in October 2013, airs daily on PBS KIDS (check local listings).

The “PEG + CAT: PEG ROCKS” DVD (SRP $12.99) has a run time of approximately 85 minutes. In addition to featuring seven rockin’ stories (below), the DVD includes printable activities – pirates + peaches board game, four fantastic flip-books, Cat sock-beanie instructions, and PEG + CAT stick puppets.
“The Big Gig Problem”
Peg and Cat need to round up the missing members of their touring band, the Electric Eleven, in time for their big gig for 100 chickens.
Primary Content: Counting backwards from 11
Secondary Content: Deductive reasoning, the 20s

“The Mega Mall Problem”
Peg and Cat search the enormous Mega Mall for the teens, so they can all enter the Zebra Guy dance contest.
Primary Content: Attributes of objects
Secondary Content: Maps

“I Do What I Can: The Musical!”
Peg and Cat present a Broadway musical about the amazing Ramone, who became a hero by doing 30 great things, five at a time.
Primary Content: Counting to 30 by fives
Secondary Content: Counting to 30 by ones

“The Girl Group Problem”
Peg’s girl group, the Pentagirls, has its biggest show ever, featuring a new hit song about flips, slides and turns.
Primary Content: Flips, slides and turns
Secondary Content: 2D shapes

“The Groovy Sixties Problem”
Peg and Cat help Peg’s hippy Grandmom create a groovy birthday present for Granddad based on his favorite numbers: the sixties.
Primary Content: Counting in the 60s
Secondary Content: Using simple shapes to make complex shapes, counting by tens

“The Magic Uke”
Peg must trek through the Kingdom of Night to reach Cat. To cross the star-shaped steps, Peg needs to find lines of symmetry with the help of a magic ukulele.
Primary Content: Understanding day and night
Secondary Content: Finding lines of symmetry

“The Rocking Out Problem”
When Baby Fox makes a spectacular musical instrument out of junk, Peg and Cat get stuck in it! To get out they must use up, down, around and 3/4 time.
Primary Content: Up, down, over and around
Secondary Content: Musical patterns