New blog Addition

At the bottom of the page I have added a YouTube player with specific videos for Photography. I am trying to get a pretty comprehensive list of photography keywords so that the videos presented are most relevant to readers of this blog. I am already using: Photography “Digital Camera” Photo Camera Photowalking Lens Digicam Photoshop “Adobe Photoshop”. Can you think of any others I should add in order to get some great video content?

Please leave a comment with your ideas and remember, if you don’t read and follow the comment policy you risk your comment being deleted, edited or marked as spam.

4 thoughts on “New blog Addition”

  1. Thank you so much for consolidating all those helpful videos all onto one spot. This is very helpful and we won’t have to search through all the bad ones to find the ones that are useful.

  2. Great keywords so far, I peeked at the video player, I will have to come back and watch it sometime. Another keyword you could try: Photography Tips, I wonder if they even have something like that, or even tutorial videos.

  3. Hey Chica, thanks for the great keyword. I subscribe to some great photoshop tips podcasts and some photography podcasts as well. I haven’t seen much on YouTube, because I haven’t looked so far but with the new widget I am certainly going to do so. There are tons of tutorials for all things photography. Have you watched the Scoble show podcasts with Thomas Hawk, photowalking? That is what got me into Thomas Hawk’s work.

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