Not ready for the scrap heap… yet…

I was able to revive the home computer yesterday after I turned off the powered base of my monitor. I have a Viewsonic VX2245 the monitor has many great features like an 8 in 1 card reader, an integrated iPod dock and a powered subwoofer, not to mention HDMI inputs and a bunch of USB ports. Unfortunately when this was turned on after the full destructive reformatting of the computer it would freeze the computer. So I spent many hours frustrated as hell as the computer froze on me again and again.

Finally I removed everything but the keyboard and the mouse (usb mouse). I then was able to finally get back into the computer and set up all new accounts for Allison and myself. Then I started attaching the hardware peripherals that we have. I started with the monitor. I loaded the software and the drivers and then connected the powered base of the monitor via USB to the back of the computer. 3 seconds later the computer was frozen.

So the next time I started it back up with the powered base off. I attached the webcam next. The webcam is a logitech and it is also a lifeline for my wife to contact her family and to contact me when I travel. This worked fine. So it isn’t my usb ports. I now had 2 devices connected to the ports.

I next tried my printer. It is an HPCs400 or something like that. It has a printer, copier and scanner feature and it also has an 8 in 1 card reader and place for a usb port. I connected this printer (USB connection) and the computer locked up. Great! no printer.

I next tried my external hard drive which connects via USB. Locked up again.

I tried searching for what the problem could be as none of these problems occurred prior to my reformatting of the computer.

But it runs much faster now. Cannot connect anything to it but it runs fast.

I am thinking of putting this computer in the living room and using the media center software to use it as a DVR. That way I can use it to record shows, surf the web when we want and display images. I am also looking to upgrade the RAM in it to 2GB so it works faster. I just can’t figure out what the USB devices don’t work properly. IF I could fix that then I would continue to use this computer.

Anybody run across any of the issues I am talking about?