New Computer for Mom…

The other day I helped my mom pick out a new computer. Since she will only be using it for e-mail and a few word processing projects we didn’t go to big on the price. But we did end up buying some Spy sweeper software as well as software for anti virus. You need to have those two items. The Spy Sweeper Software is actually called Spy Sweeper by webroot and I did a review on that software a while ago. We bought the version that can be installed on three separate computers. That way we could install it on the new computer, on my computer and on my Dad’s computer.

I installed it on my computer first. I had it run the scan and then I had it make sure that all my tracking cookies were removed. Little did I remember that some tracking cookies were good. I have to reconfigure so that I don’t have to sign into things like Blog catalog every single time I get on the computer. It is kind of annoying but I wanted the piece of mind of knowing that I was blocking as much bad stuff as I could. The software works pretty well. It is the same thing that the members of Geek Squad use to check people’s computers at Best Buy.

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