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This past Tuesday I went to Best Buy and picked up the Transformers Movie on DVD. I got the 2 disk special edition with the two Robot Heroes characters packaged with the DVDs. I also got the limited edition Megatron Lithograph that they had with it as well. I can’t believe how many separate promotions were done for this movie. Target had the special edition in a transforming CD cover. They also had a prequel comic packaged as well. For the non special edition they had a promo where if you bought the BumbleBee: Evolution of a Hero Two pack you got some sort of discount. Walmart had a pretty decent promo as well and so did many other places.

I have to say that I’ve seen the movie twice in the theater and now I am a bit spoiled as to what the experience is going to be in my own home on the 27 incher. But my friend Andy just got a sweet TV and sound system that would totally rock this movie. He put in a great system and even built a component area for his TV and sound system so that it looks like it is part of the room, not just hanging out in an entertainment center. He probably used a concealable plasma stand to hang the TV so that it totally blends to the wall but at the same time is well mounted and secure. We’ll have to let him borrow the movie to see how he likes it with his sound system and TV.

My friend Ryan is getting the Transformers Movie on HD and he also has a great sound system and TV. I can’t imagine how awesome the movie is going to look in HD on an HD DVD player and an HD tv. I think my little TV might be HD but we have no HD peripherals attached to it so it might as well be a regular TV. There are also many Easter eggs that are on the DVD so far including deleted scenes and other items. One is for a fake commercial for a Transformers Alternators character with Michael Bay’s head. Another is of Michael Bay being ripped out of a car by Megatron. It think it is funny that he can poke fun at himself especially at all the fan hate that was spewed his way. All in all the movie turned out to be a good one and has made a ton of money. And the 2nd movie is already slated for 2009. Once the release date is known I’ll be putting up a countdown clock.

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  1. Transformers is one of those lines that HAS to come out with special collectors editions or they would lose tons of revenue. Either you love it (like many people, and are willing to buy all the different versions) or are apathetic to it. I bet it will be sweet on the HDTV!

  2. It certainly needs to be a special edition. With so much behind the scenes stuff so many people want to watch every single bit of it.

  3. Actually he got a PDR flat wall mount. They are very sturdy and simple. The mount was like $65 with a $15 mail in rebate. So pretty good. There are a ton of mounts out there this one was cheap and felt solid. Really it is a piece of metal you don’t see so how cares as long as it hold the tv. Anchoring it into 4 studs should handle the load no problem.

  4. Stephen, is there anything you don’t know. You should write a blog to tell people DIY projects. I think you would be very good at that. Your information is always very informative. So do you know if your A has seen TF? Also he may like to play Acme Arsenal too.

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