No Fumbling with Fubbles from Little Kids

Bubble Puppy Fubbles from Little Kids

Little Kids, Inc already has some pretty amazing bubbles related products. We are a fan of the no spill bubbles containers and while they are great for Eva, Andrew doesn’t have as easy a time with them. He can’t seem to blow bubbles using a regular bubble wand. The new product, Fubbles from Little Kids, Inc. solves the problem of helping smaller children blow bubbles.

Andrew is Excited to Try out the Fubbles

The official description of Fubbles.

Perfect for young beginning bubble blowers, the Fubbles® Bubble Puppy combines cute character play and EZ -2- Do bubble fun! Each puppy head features an ergonomically designed conical mouthpiece that intuitively guides young users to blow through the wide end – which both funnels air directly to the bubble wand and keeps bubbles away from the child’s mouth. Each Bubble Puppy comes with a “dog dish” dip tray and 1 fl oz of bubble solution. Available in three color styles: black & white, pink, and brown. Recommended for ages 2+.

Dipping the Dog into the Fubbles Bubble Dish

So, I took Andrew outside on a beautiful day to let him try out the Fubbles. I poured the bubble solution into the dog dish from the container that looks like a can of dog food. Andrew easily held the puppy and was able to blow bubbles without any problems. He could dip the puppy into the dog dish to put solution on the puppy’s mouth. Blowing bubbles also came very naturally to him using the Fubbles puppy.

Bubble Blowing is so easy with Fubbles

I think he enjoyed his bubble blowing with the fubbles puppy.