Now You Can Embed YesVideo Chapters into a Blog Post

Get one FREE transfer. Promo code: SAS1FREEAbout a year ago I was an ambassador for YesVideo. I traveled out to California and had a great time working with other bloggers and the YesVideo team. Everyone was terrific to work with. so, when I was asked to try out a brand new feature from YesVideo I was happy to do so and tell you about it.

Now you can share chapters of your movies on your blog through the embed feature. You don’t have to link elsewhere to let your readers see the movies that you want to share.

One of the home movies that I sent to YesVideo to get converted to DVD was an old one from the first time that I learned to ski. I was thirteen. My sisters already knew how to ski because they would go every year. While they opted for downhill skiing with Dad I went cross country skiing with my Mom. I was nervous about downhill skiing and not that confident in my ability but I decided to try it.

Video cameras had gotten smaller in 1987 and they even had a hand held sport model that you could rent at the mountain. My Dad was interested in this an so he rented a camera for the day. We had a great time skiing and then watching the video over and over. We practically wore it out. I’ve embedded one of the three trailers that was automatically created by YesVideo.

Instructions to use the YesVideo HTML Video Embed Feature

This new feature allows you to create an HTML code for your videos on your YesVideo Online account to embed on your website.

To create a video embed code:

1. Visit and Sign In to your YesVideo account.

2. Find your favorite video from your video library.

3. In the movie viewer, find the clip you want to embed. Once the chapter is playing, click “+ Create a link to this chapter”.

4. A URL will populate. Click the “get embed code” link below the URL.

5. A new window containing the HTML embed code for your video will appear at the top of your screen. Copy & paste the code on your website, and the video will be able to play directly in your webpage.

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  1. Hey Ben, thank you for sharing this tips on how to embed a yes video. I own couple of blogs and will use it to increase the interest in the posts. Does yes videos create big files? I mean will it take a lot to load such embeded files?

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