Oliver’s Look

Oliver's Look
Photo-A-Day #1447

I shot this one with my telephoto lens on the macro setting. I’m also using many of the manual settings on the camera to get different looking images. It always makes me laugh a little when the photos of Oliver look like he’s bad ass. He’s the biggest wuss too. The first one to run away at the sound of something new.

The photo is a little more orange than I wanted it to be and there is a bit of noise in the area behind Oliver. However, getting a cat to pose again exactly as you want him to is not exactly possible.

6 thoughts on “Oliver’s Look”

  1. My grumpy old cat could take a lesson from Oliver. Great shot, Ben!
    I am rooting for you and Allison in the pool – been meaning to tell you how cool it is you both entered. Hope there is a little personal wager between the two of you – massage for the winner maybe?

    averagebettys last blog post..Big Dance Buttermilk Blueberry Scones

  2. Betty,
    I’m afraid that neither of us has a clue how to pick sports teams. No wager, we probably should have thought of that. It was fun to participate though.

    Glad you like the photo. I am now all caught up on AB eps. Now I’m without my betty fix during my morning workouts.

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