Springtime Fun is Here

With a few false starts it looks like Spring is finally here. This is one of my favorite times of year because it means we can finally leave the house without being all bundled up, wearing boots and hats. We can now go off to the local parks and zoos. At the local parks we can play on the playground equipment with Eva, she is a big fan of slides. She also likes the swings but we’ve not been doing much swinging lately. The last time she went was her 1st birthday. (Which, coincidentally, feels like the last time I posted to this blog.)

Hanging around

Dad Blogs is a fan of Springtime as well. They are having a whopper of a contest. Dad Blogs has teamed up with Kid’s Creations to give away the Three Ring Adventure. (pictured below)

This is an amazing playset. It has it all. Here is a list of the specs & features:


  • Trapeze Bar
  • Tire Swing
  • Telescope
  • Ductile Iron Swing Hangers
  • Steering Wheel
  • 2×6 Safety Steps
  • Rope Ladder
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • 3 Swings
  • Disc Rope Swing
  • 10′ Heavy Duty Wave Slide
  • 2 Safety Handles
  • 12oz Vinyl Canopy
  • 4 Position Swing Beam
  • 4×6 Deck Supports
  • 4×6 Swing Beam
  • 5′ Deck Height
  • 5’x5′ Deck

  • Length 27′ 3″
  • Width 11′ 3″
  • Height 11′

Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks
Number of Boxes: 4
Time to Unload: 20 min
Shipping Cost: free with contest
Tools Needed:

  • Ratchet
  • 3/4″ Socket
  • 1/2″ Socket
  • Cordless Drill
  • 3/8 Drill (to install rocks in wall)
  • Hammer

* Swing beam is rated at 250 lbs per swing *
Kid’s Creations is the only manufacturer to feature 100% con-heart redwood!

Growing up I remember having a swingset in the backyard. It was secured into the ground with concrete. Did you know that over time that gets loose and when you are a kid trying to swing as high as you can you can actually pull the concrete out of the ground. I certainly hope that Eva won’t try something like that, we were dangerous kids back in those days. What I do hope is that if we win this prize Eva will enjoy spending more time in her own back yard playing and having adventures. I think a playset like this one from Kid’s Creations would be awesome because there is just so much to do on it. I’m sure our place would be a favorite among all of Eva’s friends.

I could capture all the fun times with the Canon SD1100 powershot that Dad Blogs is throwing into the overall prize package. Not that I need another camera but I could upgrade my old SD800is.