Tough Talk… PAD #1158

Tough Talk... PAD #1158

This morning when I got into work I was walking to the kitchen to get a drink of water. I noticed the black bird darting around the tops of the power lines and then I saw the hawk. It looks like the hawk had brought its kill to the top of the power lines. And it looks like the black bird wanted a piece. It kept dive bombing the hawk. I had my camera bag with me because I have a new camera bag/computer bag and I wanted to have the two rented lenses with me to take a few shots of my desk. Tomorrow the lenses go to Andrea for the rest of the week and on Friday we share them again for the balloon festival.

I did use the lensbaby 3g today a bit more, I’m still not that impressed. I think I could achieve the same sort of effect from a filter in Photoshop, that and having to switch out the apertures isn’t making this lens very friendly for me. I’ve certainly tried it out enough but haven’t been super satisfied with what I’ve gotten so far. Here is the latest.

Prime 3g

Today also marks my Dad’s birthday. We celebrated yesterday but I also wanted to mention it on the blog as well. Happy Birthday Dad, I hope you were able to go on a nice long ride on your motorcycle.

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6 thoughts on “Tough Talk… PAD #1158”

  1. I don’t know about that lensbaby either, but it would save time in post editing for shots that are wanted with that effect. Your bag is pretty cool, it’s been ages since I had a backpack.

    Oh and Happy Birthday to your dad! 🙂

    Chica’s last blog post..Now I know my ABC’s

  2. Chica,
    The bag is not without issues that bug me. For one thing it has those hip straps for longer hikes. Well if you have the hip straps on then you have to unstrap them to swing the backpack in front of you to get the camera. I have been debating about offering it as a prize on the blog and getting a smaller one that has no hip straps.

    As for the lensbaby, I think PhotoShop can help me on that one. And thanks for the Birthday wishes to my Dad.

  3. Girlie,

    The lensbaby is a bit tricky for sure. Maybe I just haven’t given it a chance, but I’m not impressed with it overall.

  4. Drew, Great shot! It looks like they are having a conversation. I think that if the black bird tries to get a piece of the kill it could become the Hawk’s next victim. I got a short ride in on my birthday, I rode over and visited Shelby at work. My birthday ride was Sunday with Gary along rt. 28a. A nice ride on a sunny day with a friend and time with my wonderful family, that’s a day of celebration. Thanks!

  5. Dad,
    You should have seen the black bird diving at the hawk, and the hawk pretty much not even paying attention to it.

    I’m glad you got that long ride on Sunday and we were all able to be home for a nice meal together. Eva certainly enjoys all the attention from the family. And I think everyone enjoys their time with her too.

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