1st Lily… PAD #1159

1st Lily... PAD #1159

The first lily actually bloomed yesterday but I already had a photo. But today I took a shot of that gorgeous deep red flower. I love how we get such deep red lilies. I really wonder what we will see this season because at the end of each season we go around and cross pollinate our lilies so that next year we get some different looking ones. This ends up being my favorite time of year to take photos because I love macro and I love what I get from flowers.

Gas is about to go over $4.00 a gallon and it seems that every site I go to someone is talking about how high the gas is and what to do to beat the gas prices. I even found myself looking at the Smart Car website. Seriously, they are tiny little cars but I don’t care if they get good gas mileage then I hope to help out my commute. I was also thinking that there are not many of them on the road so the car might be a great way to promote the blog as well. Everyone will be looking at it so why not throw up my url and a graphic or something. I’ve looked around for the actual miles per gallon but I cannot find the accurate results. Some sites say 60mpg some say 40 and some say 31. Which is the correct one. Who knows. But there is a dealership in Warwick RI and I may pay it a visit for a test drive for the hell of it.

The other thing I’d like to find out more about is the Can-Am Spyder, this vehicle will be in Transformers 2 and it looks so strange and interesting that I had to look into it. There is a dealership near me in Easton, MA. So I think I should pay them a visit for a test drive as well.

I transferred all of my photos from the laptop to the desktop and they almost all have their GPS data recorded so I can start uploading them to Flickr. Both sets (California, Half Moon Bay and the Cape Cod Lighthouse tour) will be up soon.

I also need to get started researching some of the top earners on the internet. These bloggers will be part of a panel at IZEAFest 2008 and guess who the moderator will be? You guessed it, me. I hope that you are thinking about going to IZEAFest 2008. You can sign up by following the IZEAFest 2008 links.

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8 thoughts on “1st Lily… PAD #1159”

  1. Kinsey,

    Thank you very much. I saw your blog as well and you have some amazing photos. I will certainly be back to visit.

  2. This past Sunday, I actually saw one of those Smart Cars, on I-93 north, near the MA/NH line. It was blue, not red like in the pics on the site. I had heard a lot about these, but this was the first time I’ve actually seen one in person. I wish I’d been able to whip out my phone quickly enough to get a pic.

    I think they are cute. But I wonder about the legroom. I’m 5′ 10″, long in the leg. Maybe they are like the Mini Coopers, which look really small, but are roomier than they look.

    You’re right, people will notice these cars when they see them on the roads…I certainly did! If you do get one, putting your blog info on it would be a wicked cool idea.

  3. I’ve seen one in MA too, I think it was blue also. That would be the color I would get. I’m not sure about the legroom, I would have to investigate on my test drive. I really want to go test drive the car.

  4. Hey Angie,
    Thanks very much, glad you liked that one. A second one bloomed today and there was a lavender one that did as well.

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