Free Wheeling

Free Wheeling
Photo-A-Day #1222

I’m hanging out in Missoula, Montana. It is a pretty cool town. Very small and you can cover it quickly. I observed some demonstrations this morning and then hit the Harley-Davidson to pick up some pins and a shirt for Dad. They have a really cool design on the T-Shirt. I’ve seen a ton of motorcycles around here too. At all the hotels there are tons of bikes and the Harley shop rents bikes. I can see why, because when I was flying in all I saw was darkness so that means mountains and wide open space, open roads, great places for bikers.

This afternoon I saw The Dark Knight. It was a really good movie. The one thing that I am noticing in movies that is bothering more and more is the use of animals and showing them as violent. In The Dark Knight there were the Rottweilers. They played a part in many scenes and were tossed around or hit by Batman. I don’t think that added to the movie in any way.

The movie Hostage was also very disturbing with the hyper violence in the movie, but the unnecessary killing of Bruce Willis’ dog was something we did not need to see. I knew it was coming and it was horrible, actually that whole move was horrible. I wish I never saw that movie.

You might not agree with me… However, the one movie that I did see the animal being killed as adding to the story was I Am Legend. It was heart wrenching to watch but it solidified the complete loss for Will Smith’s character. He’d lost everything, everything and then he had to kill his only friend and companion because she too (the dog) became infected. If the dog was replaced with a person in the movie you would have felt just as bad when Will’s character had to kill her. It wasn’t gratuitous violence like the cat being killed in Boondock Saints. I just see the death of Sam in I Am Legend much different than seeing Batman tossing dogs down the elevator shaft.

Of course one could argue that violence in movies isn’t needed at all. You could also argue that if the dogs were replaced by henchmen would I feel bad seeing them tossed down the elevator shaft.

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4 thoughts on “Free Wheeling”

  1. I will live in Montanta and marry a round american woman. We will raise Rabbits. She will cook then and I will eat them.

    I think I would like to own a recreational vehicle and drive state to state. They let you drive state to state no papers?

  2. Stephen,
    When I saw you had left a message I was surprised it was about the car alone and not the other points. Being a Dog and all. I’m not sure about driving state to state with no papers on a recreation vehicles.

  3. Unlike Stephen, I would ride around on one of those Harleys. I’m already married to a round Amercian woman.

  4. Dad,
    And apparently she is not reading this blog or comments anymore. Sheesh, if I was drinking something when I read that I would have spit it out all over my computer. This is certainly a place where you could ride your Harley.

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