Steak Sauce, Hot Sauce, What Sauce…

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I travel all over the country and eat in many places. What I’ve noticed is that every place has its own tastes. Some places are big on Hot Sauce, others like mayo on fries. I wonder what sorts of things my readers enjoy on their meals.

For example, what do you put on….

  • Burgers?
  • Hot Dogs?
  • Steak?
  • Pancakes?
  • Fries?

I’m curious and hungry as it is lunch time and I’m picking up my steak and cheese for lunch and one for Allison too.

I’m also heading out tonight to Montana and kicking myself for taking an evening flight. What was I thinking?

Read through the comments below. My friend Chica talks about Fry Sauce in her comment. That prompted me to hold the Ultimate Fry Sauce Recipe Contest.

26 thoughts on “Steak Sauce, Hot Sauce, What Sauce…”

  1. Burgers- Ketchup n mustard

    Hot Dogs- Same thing.

    Steak- Nothing but the steak juice, unless it’s grilled and doesn’t have steak juice, I still use nothing.

    Pancakes- Sugarfree maple syrup.

    Fries- Salt. The occasional dabble with fry sauce too.

    Mayo on fries sounds weird, but fry sauce can be made with mayo n ketchup. 🙂

  2. Burgers? Ketchup and mayo. Sometimes mustard.
    Hot Dogs? Ketchup and spicy mustard. Gotta be spicy.
    Steak? Depends. If it’s been marinated or has a good rub on it, I can get by with nothing else. Other than that, A-1.
    Pancakes? Butter and maple syrup.
    Fries? Ketchup. Occasionally Old Bay.

    Lisa’s last blog post..Down The Ocean.

  3. Lisa,
    I agree with the spicy mustard, I like that but I also like plain old Yellow.
    Old Bay, that is a good choice. Have you tried the Red Robin spices. So tasty.

  4. I use ketchup on my burgers and fries. A-1 on my steak. We use Sweet Baby Rays barbecue sauce when grilling chicken.

    Pancakes are best with plain ole butter and maple syrup.

    Karen’s last blog post..Red Pine Mountain

  5. Burgers – just ketchup condiment-wise.

    Hot Dogs – ketchup and mustard. I prefer the Gulden’s spicy brown mustard, that is what they have at most ballparks. I buy that for hot dogs at home, too. We must be true to the ballpark traditions!

    Steak – I am not a big steak person, I seldom cook them at home. Mike gets his steak fix at restaurants. But when I do cook them at home for him, he likes just a little drizzle of Worcestershire sauce.

    Pancakes – butter and REAL maple syrup. None of that Mrs. Butterworth’s stuff for me!

    Fries – If I get fish & chips from a place like the Wild Rover Pub in Manchester, NH, they have malt vinegar, and I go that route. Otherwise, ketchup. And always salt. Lots of it. But I should try that Old Bay thing, too, that might be tasty.

    Now I am hungry! 😀

    Christine’s last blog post..Another article that pissed me off?

  6. Burgers – ketchup, mustard & mayo
    Hot Dogs – ketchup, spicy mustard & celery salt
    Steak – nothing
    Pancakes- butter & maple syrup (I love the real stuff)
    Fries – ketchup & mayo, so yummy!

    Connie’s last blog post..Label Me This

  7. Connie,
    Celery salt, must like the Coney style hot dog right? There is a place near us called Onleyville and they have hot dogs with onions, celery salt and meat sauce good stuff but can only eat them once a decade.

  8. Scratch,

    That is great that you visited but what about your answers to my questions. Don’t leave me hanging.

  9. Christine,
    I would figure the ball park hot dogs would be a good place for you to chime in as you should probably be an expert what with all the games you see. And the Wild Rover, oh that takes me back, way back to those college nights and then eating at the Red Arrow.

  10. Burgers? – Everything.
    Hot Dogs? – Depends on what the dog is made of, but I dig mucho mustasa, ketchup/catsup(however the hell you want to spell it), relish sometimes, eh.. I’m pretty open to try new things on my dog.
    Steak? – Depends on how it’s cooked and if it’s seasoned or not. A steak that’s cooked right needs nothing on it.
    Pancakes? – I seldom eat pancakes, but when I do I douse them in butter and maple syrup.
    Fries? – Fast food fries? Plain, sometimes ketchup. Big ol’ steak fries? I dip’em in mayo to make them even more fattening.

    Eddie Christy’s last blog post..The Big Picture

  11. Hey Eddie,
    I put pancakes on because I was trying to figure out items that you put sauces on. What is mucho mustasa?

    I agree with everyone that if a steak is cooked well it needs nothing, however when you are trying to save money and you buy cheap cuts you have to doctor them up.

  12. Burgers?
    Ketchup and a little bit of mustard
    Hot Dogs?
    mustard and Ketchup
    Nothing maybe bernaise sauce. A-1 Ketchup etc all ruin a good steak
    Maple Syrup
    I like the way Canadian make poutine

  13. Stephen,
    I should have known that a world traveled dog such as yourself would enjoy the culinary delights of the north.

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