Queen Smooshy Face – PAD #1002

Photo-A-Day #1002

Today we took Eva out for a stroll around the block. It was a bit cold so we bundled up our own little Queen Smooshy Face (a nickname I gave her in those moments of parental creativity). She has this cute snowsuit that is a pink teddy bear and then a green hat and mittens. She was not going to get cold at all. ‘QSF’ enjoys facing outwards when she goes for a walk, she wants to see the world. So Allison wears a baby sling that can be used in may different configurations. Here is a photo of the two of them on our walk.

Pack and go.

While we walked I took my camera, of course, and while we walked I thought about Trevor Carpenter’s newest challenge, the 2008 Challenge. For that he is asking people to go out and take photos of their communities and post the best photo of the week. I’m not sure I can commit to that and probably won’t but I applaud anyone who decides to do so. Here is a photo from the downtown, I liked how the light hit the windows of the building, we have some interesting architecture in the town.

Downtown Light

I’ve gotten a ton of traffic lately from Entrecard and I’ve entered a bunch of contests there. Each day I’ve gotten my 300 credits from my card drops and I’ve gotten additional ones from people dropping cards here as well. And after little over a week it costs 134ec to advertise on this blog. That is pretty sweet and it puts me very close to the #1 photography spot. There are also a bunch of contests going on at blogs that use Entrecard and I’ve entered a ton of them. I wish I had started this as soon as I got back from Blog World Expo. I am also working on a list of 300 blogs to go to each day and drop cards.

22 thoughts on “Queen Smooshy Face – PAD #1002”

  1. My goodness, she’s got those kind of cheeks you just want to pinch and wiggle lol. That building, looks like it has a fire in that room, pretty neat reflection there.

    I’ve been with Entrecard for maybe a month now, and the traffic is fantastic, as long as I keep visiting, but that seems to be all people do is visit, drop, and move on.

  2. Thanks Chica, That is pretty much how Queen Smooshy face came about. I had not understood the part of the Transformers movie where Josh Duharmel says to his wife, “Look at those cheeks, I just want to chew on them” I thought, that is a weird thing to say, but I guess it really wasn’t.

    Not every visitor is going to read the posts. However visits that come and drop a card and leave are valuable too for hit counts. Sure it doesn’t exactly build a community but having updated content daily and using photos are great ways to catch someone’s eye and keep them around.

  3. Hi!

    She’s so cute! I wonder what nickname I will give to my kid when I have one.

    Entrecard really helped my traffic and I do have people from Entrecard commenting on my posts. I also make sure I read the latest entry of all the blogs I go to. It will be great if we can form a community via Entrecard ;D

  4. HI Drew, The story you helped create, “Danthorn’s Conquest” is now posted! Here is the url: http://summerbreezeinpa.blogspot.com/2008/01/danthorns-conquest.html. I tried to find as much information as I could about Vikings in North America since there is not much known about their time here. SO I am sure much this story is pure imagination based on conjectured thought and I what I have read about the Vikings in general. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enoyed writing it. I appreciate your participation in my project. I apologize for the delay in your story but as you know life happens all too much Please come back again!

  5. (1) What a cutie! I would like to smooch those cheeks too!
    (2) Entrecard has been a nice surprise to me, and I think its success is because it is just so darn easy. You have a list of 300…hmmmm, might have to check that out too. 🙂
    (3) Thanks for your visits to my blog too. I noticed!

  6. Eva is just so adorable. I want to hug her. I’ve recently joined Entrecard and the nice thing about it is I get to visit new blogs. And I’m glad I found your blog. I enjoy the photos a lot 🙂

  7. Jeslyn,
    I think that if you try and form community with the people you will visit you will find in turn that they will visit and respond to you. I have always tried to respond to each and every comment on my blogs. That way at least some dialog has begun.

  8. Jenn,
    No rush on the story, very well done. Poor Danthorn and his animal lust got himself killed. There was one Dirk Pitt novel all about Vikings in the US. It was pretty interesting as most Dirk Pitt novels tend to be. Thanks for taking my idea and running with it.

  9. Hi webduck,

    I’m working on a list of 300 and the list will change as I add in blogs I want to visit daily. I visit a ton daily and don’t always have time to stop and post comments but occasionally I do. Thanks for the nice words about Eva.

  10. noemi,
    Thanks for advertising here through entrecard. Glad you like the blog, I make sure to drop a card at your place each day.

  11. All hail Queen Smooshy Face! She’s beautiful, with one of those little faces that’s just begging for kisses.

    Ah… I do miss having a tiny baby.

  12. Thanks very much Kate, we keep hoping she will stay this way for a long time, but she is growing by leaps and bounds.

  13. your daughter is really cute.

    i wonder who she looks like. you or her mother. haha

    have a nice day Ben, you’re one of the daily reads i have.

  14. It is funny, at different times she looks like either one of us. I think she looks like me, Allison thinks she looks like her. Glad yo have you as one of my frequent readers. Thanks very much.

  15. Being on the same field that we are, I also applied the photo-a-day. You inspired me for this.

    I started it just now. 😀 Have a nice day Drew.

  16. Wow, that is awesome. I inspired you, well that is an honor. Keep it up. I’ll be by each day. Looks like you are off to a good start. I’d suggest a flickr or zooomr account to host the photos rather than through blogger. They size the photos much better and they are not as pixelated. Nice photo for the start of photo-a-day.

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