Paint Night – Mushroom Houses

Photo-A-Day #3330

For Christmas Allison got me a Paint Night through Groupon. It took me a whole long time to get around to booking our paint night. The Groupon expires in May so when I finally got a chance to book the event the only one that was left was a paint night where we made Mushroom houses. I guess the really artistic looking ones sell out very quickly.

We went to the Oxford Tavern. I looked up where it was and it looked like it was in a residential neighborhood according to Google Maps. I wasn’t quite sure about it but we went. While it was a rough and tumble sort of area the place itself made some really nice food. We got an order of smothered Tater Tots that had sour cream, cheese, bacon and blue cheese. It was delicious.

Paint night was interesting. The crowd was boisterous and loud. Our instructor was a student at Bridgewater State. she was enthusiastic and complimented me a few times even though I didn’t think my painting was super great. But there is no negativity during paint night.

So you go and you get your apron, then on a paper plate you squirt on the different paints. There is a sign that tells you how many pumps to use but really that is a guide because I went back up a few times to get more paint. That might be why my painting was never dry after any drying periods.

It was a very fun night. I’d certainly do it again. It was fun to blend the colors and create. It was a bit more cramped than would have liked. It didn’t help that the crowd was rowdy. There was a group of 8 people, really rough around the edges, not paying any attention to the directions but constantly asking questions. That annoys me but I rolled with it and still had a good time. I’d go back to that place again and go early enough for dinner because the food was good and there was they one thing they had at the bar, fried spaghetti sticks. They were Delicious! It was a great night out of the house.