Photo-A-Day #264 12/28/05

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This photo was taken in August. (I’m taking a one day break from a daily photo for a special and sad reason.)

A farewell to Daisy. Daisy was Tara and Erik’s dog. Daisy is no longer with us. Daisy was a high spirited and energetic dog, she was tireless, she could be very sweet and fun, but she was also unpredictable and aggressive, as we would come to find out. Tara and Erik did everything possible to rehabilitate Daisy. More than could have been expected of any person. I’m not going to get into the details here but all avenues were explored, all roads taken and all options exhausted.

This week has been very tough for us all here, especially Tara and Erik. I can only imagine the difficulty and heartbreak that they are going through today. I’m tearing up just writing this. Dad is heartbroken too. He spent alot of time with the both dogs and had a special place in his heart for Daisy. Allison and I made our goodbyes last night and I said a final goodbye today when I got home. My eyes have been watering ever since.

Daisy will have many friends to play with in pet heaven, there are some new arrivals this year, including Moxie, Fraiser, and Lola. And some pet heaven veterans Kip, Sophie, Rikki, Patchy, and Dosh.

Hug your pet.