Seaquest DSV….

Does anyone remember this show from 1993? When it began it was closely tied with Dr. Robert Ballard, the man who lead the expidition to discover the Titanic in 1985. I remember watching the first episodes and being fascinated. Steven Spielberg was one of the executive producers. Roy Scheider of Jaws fame was Captian Nathan Bridger, a great captain. Jonathan Brandis was Lucas, a boy genius.

I loved that show and today I was flipping channels and found it playing on the Sci-Fi Channel. You see the show started more with science and the ocean, but starting with the second season the science fiction began to surpass the science and season three was just science fiction with a 10 year jump to the future for everyone but the seaquest crew. It was a great show and it is too bad it was cancelled. But three days ago the Seaquest DVD set for season one came out. Can’t wait to get myself a copy.

I just saw that Sci-Fi has had Seaquest playing from 8-5 every single day this week. Man I hate it when I miss out on something like this. The VCR would have been smoking all week. But apparently they only played 50 out of the 59 episodes.