Photo-A-Day #294 01/27/06

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Andy created some paper pre-spitball art. Rondi is attempting to rearrange that art.

Tonight Allison and I went back to the Moose Cabin for dinner. Tonight we went with Neil and Andrea and Andy and Rondi. We had a very nice dinner and conversation.

We also stayed for a comedy and mentalist show. We say Rory Raven the mind Reader and Stephanie Peters the R rated comedian. There were very few people at the show. That is unfortunate because when we talked with Al, the owner of the Moose Cabin, he said that alot more people bought tickets to see the show. That probably would have been great with alot of people. As it was there was not alot of people and we were in the front table so we got to participate in the acts. Well, participate with the mind reader and ‘get abused’ by the comedian. We thought Andy was gonna tussle with Stephanie, but we were wrong. She picked on me pretty good but I was laughing so hard that my whole neck and head hurt. We had a really good night.

Me with Stephanie Peters. She got me to come up on stage because she said she could sign autographs with her butt. I won’t even go into what she was demanding I do there on the stage.