Photo-A-Day #379 04/22/06

Today Allison and I went to IKEA in Stoughton. Here is Allison looking fabulous in a tiny kitchen for an office.

What an enormous place IKEA was. We wandered around for about 3 hours. We found many things that we would like for remodeling our new place, when we get one. We however were so overwhelmed with the choices that we just took some catalogs and spent money only on lunch when we went in and a snack as we left.

After that just to get depressed by the prices we walked around Jordan’s. What a difference in price. Scary. We did sit in those massaging chairs for about 20 minutes while we were there and that was pretty cool.

A Rug Allison Liked

A Bed Choice

Another Bed Choice

Chairs we like

The three sided IKEA sign