Photo-A-Day #380 04/23/06

Tonight Allison and I and Tara and Erik went to see The Legend of Lucy Keyes at the Boston Independent Film Festival. Ellis Paul and Flynn both contributed songs to the movie and that is what got Allison and I interested in this about a year ago. Tara had heard about the movie about 4 years ago on Chronicle and she was excited to see it.

The movie was very good, especially for an independent film, there was some very nice cinematography, and the story was also interesting. It was filmed in Princeton MA, which was were the legend originated. More specifically, it was filmed on the backside of Wachusett Mt.

Erik drove us into Boston and we had dinner at the Border Cafe over near Harvard Square. After dinner we took the T over to Davis Square and got our tickets and found some seats. The Somerville Theatre is an very interesting place. Very old and detailed, there is a balcony and it is also where we are going to see Ellis Paul and Antje Duvekot for Antje’s CD release party.

If you were unable to see the movie at the film festival dont worry the movie was sold to Lifetime and will be shown in August. A DVD is also in the works. After the film the Director and writer of the movie John Stimpson as well as some of the cast including all the little girls that played the various roles of the Lucys and their sisters. Stimpson wove together a very good story and created some excellent characters with an actual legend of the disappearance of a young girl in the 1700s. It was suspenseful as well as humorous and thrilling at times. There were some parts that were slow but as the legend was slowly discovered it picked up momentum to an intense conclusion.