Photo-A-Day #423 06/05/06

Mater and Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars. I found a few more of the die cast cars out here in Columbia, MO at a Wal-Mart. I’ll try and hit a few more to fill up the Cars carrying case I picked up yesterday. Hopefully I can find another Toys R’ US and get another movie ticket.

Broke my pedometer today on the flight from Providence to Pittsburgh. I forgot it was on my hip when I got on the plane and it snapped off when I got up at the end of the flight. The plastic hook for the belt is bent at a funny angle and can not be glued back together to the pedometer itself. I saw some pedometers at Target on clearance so I’ll have to pick one up back at home.

Saw a sign today for a Testicle Festival. I wasn’t in a place I could stop to catch that picture. I guess it is an annual event here in in this part of Missouri. It happened this past weekend.

I started reading Hunting Season today. Looks like this will be another good one.