Photo-A-Day #424 06/06/06

I stopped into this store, it was something like Nostalgiaville or something. They had everything from I love Lucy, Peanuts, Elvis, Old Movies, Penny candy for 25 cents. They even had Balsa Wood planes. Remember those, good for one or two flights till you wound the propeller to a double knot and it broke, and yet only went about 2 feet further than the proper wind.

My sisters and I used to work at a candy store on the cape. Each Sunday we would get up early and stuff the inserts and ads and comics into the Sunday paper. After we were done we would sometimes get $5.00 but most often we got a bag of candy. I’m not talking crappy candy either. We would get boxes of Nerds, Rinky Dinks (Made by Willy Wonka but are no longer in existence, think small gobstoppers that were sour and came in Lime, Orange, Cherry Strawberry, Lemon and Grape, my favorite candies ever by the way.) We even got to run the register and other stuff. That candy store and the adjoining Ice Cream shop is long gone now, torn down and made into a 1.5 million a condo complex. Great memories from those days working for candy.