Hanging in Columbia, MO

My demo today was super short and so I had the rest of the day to enjoy the area. I took some advice from my friend Ryan who has family here to check out Shakespeare’s Pizza. That was some good pizza. I did not find a Toy’s R Us but did manage to find all but three of the the Car’s die cast toys including Lizzie the very hard to find model T type car. If you can’t tell I am very excited about this movie. I have loved the Disney Pixar Stuff so much and this one and the Incredibles will probably be my favorites.

This week I have a Jeep Liberty to tool around in. I also have Sirus Satellite Radio. And I have had the tuner set to channel 103 which is Blue Collar Radio featuring comedy bits from the Blue Collar guys as well as other comedians. Some funny stuff.

I also found this fun interactive poster of the movie Cars. Interactive Cars Poster