Photo-A-Day #425 06/07/06

I was in St. Louis today. After my demonstration in Mexico, MO I drove to St. Louis and then to the downtown where I walked around and took in the sights. I was walking by this park and had to take this picture because of how layered everything was. There was the park, the official looking building with the copper roof and then the arch. Almost all of my pictures look like the Arch is fake. It was such a bright blue sky and somehow the arch looks like it was dropped into the image.

In this park area there was some photo shoot going on with 4 women in bikinis and about 15 people on a camera crew. I’m not sure what they were making a video for but you can kind of make out the crew on the right side.

I did visit the arch park but did not ride up on the tram. I am not a big fan of heights and it just didn’t appeal to me. Making my way over to the park I had to cross streets that went over the highway, the guard rails are at hip height, You get some folks fooling around in that area and someone is going over that railing. I was freaked out when a big semi came by, I had this irrational fear that as the truck whipped under the overpass somehow a suction would cause me to be pulled off of the overpass. It is kinda freaky to be that close to a truck barreling its way down the highway.

I got some more pictures from my day in St. Louis and will post them to my flickr account. For some reason Buzznet changes the word Flikr to a another word that is not suitable for posting. Petty, very petty.

Here’s the link to the Flickr pictures.