Photo-A-Day #460 07/12/06

I want one of these. I have talked about it before with friends and I think that a towable smoker would be something that I could use to start a little weekend business. How, Why, well I could travel to outdoor events and be the BBQ guy spreading good cheer and good food around the Northeast. We’re talking tailgating at Foxboro Stadium, tailgating at the Buffett concerts and visiting motorcycle, bike and kayak shops for special events.

Here are some that I found. I’m thinking under $3,000 for the grill and another $1000.00 for the customizing.

I think the one I really want is the Horizon 20″ Marshal Smoke-n-Wagon. 44″ X 22″ with Double Burner Fryer and 15″ wheels. It is all a pipe dream for the time being but I’m going to keep on researching this and someday who knows you might have me catering your events.

The photo comes from St Joe’s Harley Davidson in St. Joseph, MO. This was a very nice shop with some great extras and details inside the store and outside. The facade of the building was beautiful and even used details from the bikes as fixtures on the building. I took a couple extra pictures there.

The entrance. Smoker is off to the left out of shot.

See how the pillar is actually a replica of a light bar and front fork. Sweet.

I’ve decided to try and go back through all the pins I’ve gotten and set up a list of links to all the Harley Shops that I’ve visited in the past 5 years. So look for those on the links section.

Transformers movie news – Transformers behind the scenes article and video at Holloman Air Force Base.

I am currently in Kansas City, MO. Tomorrow Clinton, IA. Does the fun ever stop. No sign of Car’s toys except I saw a rare one in a newstand at the Chicago Airport. I should have gotten it. I saw the Transformers Titanium toys yesterday and I am not impressed with the ones I saw. So I’ll save a few bucks there.