Random Ramblings

I watched the American Masters PBS special on Woody Guthrie, it was fantastic. What a fascinating individual. Peter Coyote narrated, he has a powerful voice for narration. I love listening to it and can almost always pick it out.

While I was watching the special I also found out that The Adventures of Brisco Country Jr. the complete series is now coming out on DVD. I really want it but will wait till it comes down in price. Here are a few other complete series that I would like to have and one that I do own. Keen Eddie is a great show.

Before the Woody Guthrie special there was a special on sharks with Jean-Michel Cousteau. I missed it except for the end. It looked like it was pretty good.

Tonight we had dinner at Ghengis Khan’s and it was awesome. You pick your foods and sauces and bring it to a couple of guys using a giant stir fry surface, there they dump out your bowl of ingredients and stir fry it up for you. So good.

MySpace has a few cool sections now, and one of them is comedy. After spending the weekend with Wes Molebash and talking comics I decided to check out the comedians on MySpace.

You know what I would love MySpace to do? Allow you to call up the tours of all of your musicians and comedian friends and be able to see where they all are performing on a specific day. That would be helpful.

You know what else would be helpful from MySpace? If they would answer complaints about moderators. I have complained about the moderator for my high school message board on MySpace 12 separate times over the past 6 months and have heard nothing. I also sent messages to all the alumni on MySpace that I could find and asked them to do the same and no one has heard anything. The moderator is from another school and spends his time harassing people who post messages on the message board. Is anyone from MySpace watching what is happening at MySpace?

I started Deja Dead last night, and got 5 pages into it and fell asleep. Not sure what I think about this series yet. I’m three CD’s away from finishing Eldest and the story is just getting better. I can’t wait for the Eragon movie or the next book in the series.