Searching the entertainment items online I found a bunch of cool things.

First off, The Office. The Office website on NBC has some great clips, outtakes, fake PSAs and new webisodes starring the accountants Kevin, Oscar, and Angela. There are two webisodes up there right now. Pretty funny. You will however know the Fed Ex commercially by heart if you watch all the content. I just realized that The Office just finished the 2nd season. I don’t know how I missed that. I thought this was season #1. Oh well. If you can’t get enough of The Office online check out these DVDs.

Amazon.com has recently launched and online show called Amazon Fishbowl with Bill Maher. It is a strictly online show and is pretty interesting. He had Kevin Smith on his most recent webisode.

Cartoon Network has the most recent season of Transformers (Transformers Cybertron) online. At least they did that right because they didn’t show it on the actual network with any consistency.

Wes suggested I check out Digg.com, I haven’t gotten into that yet but maybe eventually.