Photo-A-Day #475 07/27/06

Photo-A-Day #475 07/27/06

Tonight there was a block party downtown. There was volleyball in front of the post office. There were some classic cars and the end of the street had been turned into a tiny lagoon. A great time for the downtown association. Here are some pictures from the block party.


More Volleyball

This girl could jump.

Main Street Volleyball

The mini train goes up an down our street.

The lagoon.

This kid is having a great time.

A sweet ride.

Another sweet ride.

Great Camaro

Great truck.

Another Great Truck.

Tonight I also went and saw Superman Returns. Yeah I’m up on all the new movies, I know it. I really liked the movie. Some great stuff that I wanted to see happen with Superman. Some really tough parts to watch and yes there was an underlying Christian tie in. Some iconic moments that paralleled Superman and Christ. Overall I liked the movie alot. They sure tried to squeeze alot into the 2 1/2 hours. I think it worked very well.

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  1. If it’s a nice day when y’all come visit I MAY be able to persuade my dad to bring you for a ride in “Josephine,” his antique car:) But only if you’re good!! You can get the “official” Tarpey tour of York Beach!!

    This block party looks like a blast! I want a lagoon in my back yard! HA!

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