Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

Okay, Okay. I know I said I don’t watch reality shows, except for Last Comic Standing but I was home last night after Superman Returns and caught the second half of Who Wants To Be A Superhero? I admit it I got sucked into what was happening. The first challenge was a morality challenge and I missed it, The three cast members picked for possible elimination were picked for these reasons.

  • One wanted to use this experience to get rich by making toys of his character
  • One wanted to meet men in tights
  • One would rather kill people than save people

. Guess which one was booted? The one who wanted to make a profit from his experience. HUH! Seeing as this show is about Superheroes and, Superheroes don’t kill people as Stan Lee says, wouldn’t it have made more sense to kick of the guy with the blood lust. No… fine, moving on. The second challenge was for the Superheroes to change into their Super costumes as quickly as possible in a public park without anyone seeing them and then race to a finish line. The Superheroes thought that they were just racing but the twist was that there was a little girl who was lost and the Superheroes were supposed to help the crying child. I was laughing at every one of the Supers who blew right by this kid doing their signature moves. It was ridiculous and funny at the same time. Grown people acting like they were really Superheroes or rather people who were pretending to be Superheroes.

There was one guy named Major Victory who flounced around like a bad lounge singer. He noticed and helped the girl, but he was so cheesy. And yes, he did flounce.

The winner of this contest has a movie made about their character on the sci-fi channel and a comic book done by Stan the Man. Stan is very entertaining and the Lair for the Superheroes is pretty sweet. I think they get professionally made costumes next week. I think I’d see another episode of Who Wants To Be A Superhero? Who knows.

Don’t forget that a new episode of Psych is on tonight. That is a must see show.

Also set your VCRs, DVRs and Tivos for Feasting on Asphalt on Saturday at 9:00 and there is a Behind the Eats show at 8:00 on Saturday as well where the cast and crew of Good Eats brings you behind the scenes. Saturday is like Alton Brown day on Food Network because a marathon of Good Eats shows starts at 3:00 all the way up to the Behind the Eats at 8:00 and Feasting on Asphalt at 9:00.