Photo-A-Day #555 10/15/06

Today Allison and I went to the Center of New Hampshire for brunch with James and Danielle. We had a great brunch, with made to order omelets and French toast and fruit. It was fun to sit down and catch up with James and Danielle. It is tough from time to time to be so far away from some of our friends. It would be nice to live in a place where we were close in proximity to all of our friends, but that is logistically impossible. So we’ll catch up with them when we come up to NH to visit from time to time.

I got a call while at brunch, from Ken. Ken wanted to have breakfast with us as he drank his coffee on this ride down the Mass Pike. However, since it was Ken, we were already finished with breakfast and he was an hour late, par for the course. We love you Ken.

We noticed yesterday when we arrived at Dan and Marcia’s that there were quite a few pigeons on the wires. Well, they were back again today so I snapped today’s photo of the pigeons. They got restless and began to fly off as I took my shots.