This afternoon Allison and I watched Click with Marcia. I liked the movie alot. I think that when Adam Sandler’s character is not a total moron that his movies are so much better. And this was one of those movies that had lots of humor and heart. I loved Christopher Walken’s character, he was perfect for that role.

We had some corned beef and cabbage for a late lunch with Aunt Sandy and Dan and Marcia. Today was such a lazy like day that when we got home at 6:00pm it felt like so much later in the day. Now I gotta pack for a trip to Chicago. I have to pay attention too because on my last two trips I forgot key items. This time that is not going to happen.

I am staying at some full service Marriotts during this trip and that means no free Internet access (don’t even get me started with how asinine that is when the cheaper Marriott properties give you free Internet but the full service places slam you for terrible access at a premium price.) So the photo-a-day photos may not get up till I get to a place where I can post them. And you may notice three posts below that are somewhat different than other posts I have put up. I signed up for Pay-Per-Post and have started doing a little extra writing on the side to promote a few websites. I’m only going to pick ones that I have an interest in so don’t worry that I’ll be posting up junk. I really liked the Photography Corner and the Site Shots application, and hey I do wear ties.