Photo-A-Day #556 10/16/06

Today I flew to Chicago. I am presenting a session about upcoming enhancements to our existing customers tomorrow and then I am heading to Indianapolis on Wednesday to do the presentation for our customers there. My flight was pretty uneventful. I had my clear plastic baggie with my liquids in it. So I was able to take hair gel and tooth paste with me rather than go and try to find a place when I landed.

I had a very nice lunch with Bill at Stir Crazy. That place is great for stir-fry. I had my plate loaded up with bean sprouts, mushrooms, peanuts, shrimp and beef. It was very tasty. Then I practiced my demo for tomorrow and since I could get no internet access, beyond a very slow dial up back to work, I played some Dungeon Siege II for a little bit. I guess that there is an expansion pack for Dungeon Siege II. I’ll wait till that hits the $10.00 mark. By then I may have actually gone through the game the three times it takes to get my character to a high enough level.

Dinner was at P.F. Chang’s. We had a very nice meal. Bill, Larry, Maureen, Shannon and Erin are here. We’re all from different parts of the company. And a few of us are presenting tomorrow and on Thursday. So I will make it an early night tonight.

Good news, my camera has shipped and soon you’ll be seeing some 10.2MP images on Photo-A-Day and on the Kodak Gallery.