Photo-A-Day #630 12/29/06

Photo-A-Day 630 122906

Today Allison had breakfast with cousin Annie. I went out in search of a Nintendo Wii. It was a halfhearted search because I know it is not out there anywhere. I went to Comp USA and saw a TV that I think we will buy once I make enough with PayPerPost. By that time the Nintendo Wii may be out.

Allison and I went to IKEA for most of the afternoon. We picked up a lot of stuff however. I’ve been saving specifically for the remodel. And today we put a bite into that nugget of cash. We picked up a dresser for Allison, 2 night tables that matched the dresser. We also got a sofa bed and slipcover, some under the bed crates, a rug, the curtains, and hardware for the shades.

Allison put together the under the bed crates while I tackled the night tables. I put those two together and Allison started the dresser. We put the dresser together as a team. We make a good team.

Photo-A-Day 630b 122906
Mostly done

Photo-A-Day 630c 122906
The Finished Product.

We also picked up a few little things like drawer organizers for the dresser and wooden hangers for the closet. We had a fun time taking 3 carts through the checkout. Well until I saw the total. 🙂

Maybe tomorrow we will get the curtains up and be able to sleep in the new bed.

Oh yeah, we also got an entertainment center that will be going into Allison’s current closet. I measured so it should be the perfect size.