Photo-A-Day #633 01/01/07

Photo-A-Day 633 010107

The first Photo-A-Day from 2007. And there are big plans for Photo-A-Day in 2007. I’ve asked fellow bloggers to add Photo-a-Day to their sites. So far I have three takers.

Today Allison and I ended up sleeping late, must be the new bed. The new bed is great. The problem is that the cats want to come into the room. The bigger problem is that we have not allowed the cats into that room so they spent hours exploring the space. And we have no rugs down to absorb the sounds so every time they jump off a ledge or something the sound is very loud. Then they attempted to escape to the rest of the house. So they started rattling the door. The new wall is not up so if the cats got out then they would have free run of the entire house. And We don’t want them waking my parent’s up. So after a while I put the cats in the living room. They took turns tossing each other like wrestlers into the door. So I moved them out of the living room. And then we finally got some sleep.

Today we also went to Target and got Allison a 25 cubby shoe organizer and a 8 cubby for Allison’s sweaters. I put them together with Allison’s help.

Tonight my cousin Carissa and her boyfriend Chris came over with a bunch of games. We had calzones and salad and then played Mad Gab. That was a very funny game but my team dominated so it was a quick game. Tara made us an apple crisp (gluten free) and it was very tasty. We then decid4ed to play Trivial Pursuit the 20th Anniversary Edition. It was way to difficult and getting late. Back tot he real world tomorrow.

I played with the camera outside for a little while. Here is a bonus shot for today.

Photo-A-Day 633b 100107