Photo-A-Day #675 02/12/07

Little Oliver, he’s been so needy lately. The boys now have plenty of room to run around because they have the run of the entire upstairs. Well, not the entire upstairs, they are not allowed in our bedroom (at any time) or the living room (at night because they rattle the door trying to get in). Our boys are smart, they have learned that 100 year old doors do not have the best latches and if they rattle them enough then they will be rewarded with an open door. It just leads to another room so they really don’t win anything. However they are cats and they are curious and they try to get out often.

Had a long day at work catching up on many things after being on the road for a while. Still haven’t seen my desk in about three weeks. I’ll be going there tomorrow. I got almost everything I needed to get done completed. I still need to do a couple of things and I will be able to breathe easier.

I hit the gym today. Still working on the cardio and the fat burn. 1/2 hour on the bike and 1/2 on a fast walk on the treadmill. I’ve got to work in some of the weight lifting machines too, soon.