Lil’ Formers

I’m a big Transformers fan and am eagerly awaiting the upcoming movie this summer. I’ve been collecting the toys since I was 10 years old and have amassed a rather large collection. My desk at work is covered with different Transformers toys. I check Transformer’s websites daily for news on new toys or on the movie. I have to laugh when I talk to someone who doesn’t know about my Transformer’s interest. They always tell me right away that there is a movie coming out this summer. I tell them that I’ve been counting down for 2 years now (Please see this blog for the countdown on the sidebar).

I am also a fan of web comics and there are about 20 that I read every day. I love how I can open all the tabs at once through firefox, it is much easier than loading my blog, selecting a link, going back and selecting another link. Anyway I came across a new webcomic about Transformers called Lil’ Formers and it is funny, if you are a Transformers fan. So if there are any Transformers fans out there check this comic out and get ready for July 4, 2007.