Photo-A-Day #677 02/14/07

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Today we had a Nor’ Easter here in Massachusetts. Where I worked there was snow all day and we got sent home early because of the bad road conditions. At home the weather was warmer and there was rain. However, earlier in the day there was snow and freezing rain. Since we all had work today and the bulk of the snow came after we left there was much to do upon return to the house.

When I got home Tara was already shoveling the driveway (we have a rather large driveway that we usually do with two snowblowers now that Tara and Erik live here and have a snowblower). I changed and got our there to shovel as well. Since it was raining I did not want to wear my winter hat, I wanted to keep completely dry on the top of my head. Well, the only thing I have that is completely waterproof is my ski helmet. So that is what I wore. Plus if I slipped and fell on my ass I would have a safe head. We got the driveway completely clear of snow and slush, just in time for it to freeze over. The driveway will be a slip and slide tomorrow morning.

Today is Valentine’s Day and Allison and I exchanged gifts today. Allison got me the complete series of The Office, The BBC version. I am so eager to watch this. I picked up Allison some lovely flowers because now we have a room where she can appreciate them and the cats are prevented from eating them or knocking them over. I also got her a gift certificate to the Kitting store down the street.

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day.