Talking about Lost

Lost is back on TV. After that long hiatus it is finally back. The first two episodes of the 16 straight with no repeats were great. I loved the one last night that focused on Desmond and the end blew me away. Nice twist. I have been spending some time getting my LOST fix. I have been listening to The Official Lost Podcast hosted by creator/executive producer Damon Lindelof and executive producer Carlton Cuse. I also like reading the posts from Entertainment Weekly after the episode airs. I recently came across TV Squad and their posts about Lost and various other TV shows. I like those as well. Reading them lets me catch a few things that I may have missed in the show itself.

I thought last night’s episode was fantastic and it really brought out a new way to tell the story. The whole flashback but not a flashback but maybe a deja vu was really cool. The transitions were also good. I’m not sure about the escaping fate thing, seemed very much like a Final Destination thing. If you cheat death it will find you somehow. But I liked seeing more about Desmond. Penny’s dad was a jerk. That was such a crushing refusal if ever I saw one.