Photo-A-Day #693 03/02/07

Allison with Oliver and Duncan

So today with the FuelMyBlog launch and the people flocking to the forums for FuelMyBlog things have been busy. I posted about the re-launch and posted it on Digg. This was the first thing I posted to Digg and it has already been Dugg a couple of times. The day has been exciting to say the least.

CompUSA is closing a number of their stores in the area. Dad and I went there after I was done working. The stores are having a liquidation sale and right now the prices are just 10% – 20% off. You can some decent deals on printer paper and things like that. Dad got a thumb drive to sync up his files between computers. They had a 2GB one from SanDisk for $64.99 and the same one at $89.99, the exact same one. I notice this a lot at CompUSA, they have two different prices on the same product. And I always pick that lower one and it rings up for that lower price. I picked up my Tax Software so doing taxes is in my immediate future. I noticed that Taxcut could be purchased on a 512MB thumb drive. That is a good idea for software that you only use once, because the consumer sees something that is useful and feel like they are getting something more for their money.

When we got home I set up the thumb drive to synchronize his files. The synchronize software is pretty sweet.

Tonight we had dinner at Jennerations for fish and chips. Very tasty. And we got home Allison and I took the time to catch up on some shows that we had taped. So it was a mini PSYCH marathon for us. We are not watching the season finale. I really love this show and the last episode isn’t even over and I am missing it

Doesn’t Allison look adorable with the boys on her lap. They have been very needy lately. Allison is getting really good at knitting too.