CompUSA Closing Stores

I love to shop at CompUSA because they offer a 6 month same as cash credit card for purchases over $199 and sometimes when I make a big purchase I end up with up to 36 months with no interest. And I have always paid the bills off in time so as not to get whacked by a huge bill of all that accumulated interest.

But now CompUSA is closing their doors on 7 stores in MA. And I frequent two of those stores. What am I going to do now? I guess I could switch allegiances to Best Buy because they have the same credit card deals. But I am going to miss CompUSA because they had everything I needed to trick out my computer.

I went to one of the stores yesterday with my father and they are selling off everything in the store. I picked up some paper, tax software and the movie Bottle Rocket. I’ll be posting a review of that movie eventually when I watch it. The point is I got 10% off my purchase and the markdowns are going to continue to fall. You would do well to check this out if you live in MA. You will probably be able to get some good deals.