Photo-A-Day #710 03/19/07

A geometric view

Today I flew to Evansville, IN. The flights were good and no issues arose. Sorry Andy I know how much you love reading about my travel travails and tribulations. Or rather, you like to read about my blood boiling and me losing my mind. But no, this trip was nice and easy, I spent plenty of time reading Skin Tight and listening to some good podcasts.

Could it have been the fact that I listened to Mr. Manners’ Quick and Dirty Tips for a more Polite Life. Maybe I was happy because I was able to watch humorous podcasts like Best Night Ever and Comedy Central Presents. I also listened to Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips to a Richer Life and Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. Now I’m not sure if I will end up more polite, a better writer or richer but these tips are interesting to listen to.

I am at a “Full Service” Marriott so that means that I would have to pay for the Internet if I wanted it in my room. I only get to do that once a week and I’m not using it up just yet. So I am down in the Lounge area under this big red slatted gazebo and each time I look up I get dizzy. The reason is that I end up looking through the slots and then seeing the glass on the windows above. And those windows have all these metal triangles. And looking at these both together gives the eyes a weird look at an optical illusion.