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Photo-A-Day #728 04/06/07

Today Allison and I headed up to New Hampshire to visit with Dan and Marcia for the weekend. We rode into work together and Allison dropped me off at work and then picked me up after she was done work. I stayed a little later than usual but got some blogging done. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #728 04/06/07

Photo-A-Day #710 03/19/07

A geometric view

Today I flew to Evansville, IN. The flights were good and no issues arose. Sorry Andy I know how much you love reading about my travel travails and tribulations. Or rather, you like to read about my blood boiling and me losing my mind. But no, this trip was nice and easy, I spent plenty of time reading Skin Tight and listening to some good podcasts. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #710 03/19/07