Photo-A-Day #737 04/15/07

Duncan keeping watch

Nope Duncan it is not going to stop raining.

Today was marked with a huge amount of rain in the Northeast. We got rain all day long and because of that Allison and I were not able to go to the PawSox game with Christine. That gave us some time to get some things done here at home.

Allison did some sorting of her things in the old bedroom, we are moving towards getting that room ready to work on next. I got the time to work on my blogs and also write quite a few posts on Flatwater Tech. I wrote my post on Excite Truck, the upcoming changes to FuelMyBlog and a new thing I just discovered called BUMPzee. I also created an RSS feed of all four of my blogs so you can follow all four at one time. Take a look at the left side of this blog and the bottoms of my other blogs to get subscribed. That way you can follow all four on one feed in your Google readers or whatever RSS news aggregator you are using.

Tonight we had Andy and Rondi over for Quesadillas and some Wii games. Andy and I played Excite Truck and then the four of us played bowling, tennis and Wario Smooth Moves. I am enjoying Excite truck more and more.

While we were doing that Mom and dad were enjoying their time in Florida. And Christine put her time to good use by writing her submission for the Be Our Guest at PostieCon contest that Ted Murphy Set up. I certainly hope that she wins, her submission was excellent.

4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #737 04/15/07”

  1. Duncan is Mitty the Kitty’s long-lost twin, I think!

    Thanks for the write-up for my blog post…I really do hope I win!

    We’ll do the ball game thing whenever…but maybe I might get to see you at PostieCon, after all!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my Flickrcash post. My sister is here visiting and her place back home is having mudslides and washed out roads. She lives in eastern Kentucky.

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