Website: BUMPzee!

You may have noticed a small button on each of my blogs at the end of each post that says Bump. That is or the BUMPzee website. What is BUMPzee? Well it is an interesting website that you can use to build your own communities or join in on existing communities.

I created four communities. One is for the people who do PayPerPost, the other for people listed on FuelMyBlog one for Photo-A-Day for people who take and post a photo each day and the last is one called The BenSpark, it includes only my four blogs.

I set that last one up so that an RSS feed could be generated that showed posts from each of my blogs. Then I took that feed and added it to Feedburner and made an animated header to include on my forum signatures as well as on each of my blogs. Scroll to the Bottom to see what it looks like. I am adding this to each of my blogs.

I joined a few communities too. I joined the Gadgets community as well as the No Nofollow | I Follow | DoFollow Community. I have been e-mailing with Andy Beard of this afternoon and he suggested that I add a Kayaking Community. So I created that too.